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Price: £12.95

Bees Bunting French Linen Backing

Price: £4.25

Decorative Moroccan Style T-light Holder In Dark Grey

Price: £16.99

Grey Metal Birdcage - Large

Price: £10.95

Grey Metal Birdcage - Medium

Price: £9.95

Heart Candlestick Holder

Price: £5.95

Napkin Holder in Black Metal, Heart

Price: £2.50

Rustic Crown T-light Holder

Price: £9.95

Rustic Style Glass Tealight Jar Butterfly trim and Jute Twine

Price: £3.25

Small Bucket with Hearts

Price: £10.95

String Ball Garland 10 Led Coloured Lights

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London House Gifts & Home